CI Series Batching machine is an auto batching equipment. It can auto mix sand, stone, cement and other species ingredients according to design of concrete requirements of the users. This equipment is composed of aggregate silo, weighing system, feeding system, control system and other components. There are two feeding ways including pneumatic strobe and belt conveying.

This series product uses electronic weighing, computer control, digital display and cable remote operation. There are various features including high weighing and distributing material accuracy, rapid speed, good control ability and easy operation.

Technical Specification

Type CI 9000-3
Weighing Scale Hopper (KG) 1500
Material Store Hopper (KG) 8500*3
Productivity (m3 /h) 75
Batching Precision (%) ±1
Materials 3
Load Height (mm) 3000
Belt Speed (m/s) 1
Power (Kw) 17
Weight (Kg) 5600
Dimension (mm) 9500*2500

* The production capacity data are theoretical and are dependent on machine settings, labors, machine operator, mix design, aggregates used and other environmental conditions.