Technical Data

Vibration system :

Eccentric devices are driven by servo motors. Super high rotating speed & strong vibration force servo control are used and the vibration force is evenly distributed on the vibration table. Ensures high intensity and compactness of the finished products.

Hydraulic system :

Proportional control is used in this system. Feeding, moving up moulds, moving mould boxes, etc., start fast and stop immediately. Flexible automatic control is used in the whole process to reduce hydraulic shock and noise and to improve the overall production efficiency and stability.

Hydraulic material feeding device and pouring device:

Resolve the issue of superblock machines not feeding evenly. Enhance the compactness and intensity of the finished product.

Air bag vibration reduction
system :

Vibration reduction is adjustable, reduces working noise, and extends machine usage time.

Pallets are not neededin production. Automatic and rotate stack.

PLC intelligent control system and man-machine dialog system :

Random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and various parameter settings can be done in this system. Make the operation easy and automatically.


Multi Design Products


pallet free block making machine layout