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Concrete brick-making machines can produce large quantities of bricks and blocks in a short amount of time, increasing productivity. They automate much of the brick-making process, reducing the need for manual labour. Compared to manual brick-making processes, concrete brick machines can be a cost-effective investment for large-scale brick production.

Model – Multi CI500-Semi Automatic

Power – 21Kw

Cycle Time(s) – 20-25

Model – MULTI CI 1000 Automatic Type A

Power – 26Kw

Cycle Time(s) – 18-20

Model – MULTI CI 1400 Automatic

Power – 40Kw

Cycle Time(s) – 18-20

Chirag is a reliable manufacturer of concrete brick and block making machines based in Coimbatore. CHIRAG machines are distributed in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. Our range of concrete brick-making machines comes in various models to fit your business needs.

When you buy from us, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Efficient machines with a strong design
  • Installation and setup assistance
  • 24/7 expert after-sales support
  • A choice of automatic and semi-automatic concrete brick making machines
  • Expert guidance and business setup help.

We offer automatic concrete brick & block making machines and semi-automatic concrete brick & block making machines. We offer expert guidance and help you set up a business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make concrete bricks?

With the help of concrete brick making machines, the production of concrete blocks undergoes four basic processes: mixing, moulding, curing, and cubing.

What is the difference between a fully automatic Concrete brick machine and a semi-automatic Concrete brick machine?

The fully automatic concrete block-making machines are controlled by PLCs, making them very easy to use. Their production capacity is higher than that of semi-automatic machines. The semi-automatic concrete block-making machine requires additional labor.

What are the machine options to make Concrete bricks?

There are two options available; a Fully Automatic concrete bricks Machine and Semi-Automatic concrete brick Machine. Comparatively, a semi-automatic concrete brick machine will require additional labor than the fully automatic version.

How to make concrete blocks?

The production of concrete blocks consists of four main processes such as mixing, moulding, curing and cubing. Concrete blocks are made with the help of Concrete block Machine.

What is the difference between a fully automatic Concrete blocks machine and a semi-automatic Concrete blocks machine?

The handling system of a semi-automatic concrete block machine is not automated. An automated handling system of a fully automatic concrete block machine consists of an elevator, lowerator, finger car, and cuber. Additionally, semi-automatic concrete block machines require manual curing in an open area.

What are the machine options to make Concrete blocks?

The machine options available to make concrete blocks are fully automatic Concrete blocks machine and a semi-automatic Concrete blocks machine.