Chirag's Fork- type pallet load feeder is a labour saving machine. It helps to load the pallets to the feeder. This can hold upto 50 pallets depending upon the size. Call us to understand how to use these along with automatic concrete brick and block machines.

Technical Data

Pallets can be placed at will after blocks are unloaded. This can save more time in block unloading and pallet collecting.

One stack can reach a height of one meter. This reduces the number of times forklifts are used. Consequently, it reduces costs.

The pallet will be automatically placed in feeder. As a result, the labour intensity can be reduced by two operating staffs.

Technical Specification

Power (kw) Width of Stacking Max height of Stacking No./Pallet
6.7 1350 mm 1 Meter 40-50

* The production capacity data are theoretical and are dependent on machine settings, labors, machine operator, mix design, aggregates used and other environmental conditions.