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As the world changes, newer technologies and products replace the old ones. As a result of this revolution and advancement, fly ash bricks have replaced traditional clay & sand bricks that were natural resource depleting material. Fly Ash is produced by a Thermal Power Plants which can be recycled into bricks. Fly Ash Brick Making business is lucrative because it needs less investment and less labour.

Model – Multi CI500-Semi Automatic

Power – 21Kw

Cycle Time(s) – 20-25

Model – MULTI CI 1000 Automatic Type A

Power – 26Kw

Cycle Time(s) – 18-20

Model – MULTI CI 1400 Automatic

Power – 40Kw

Cycle Time(s) – 18-20

Chirag is one of the most reliable fly ash bricks machine manufacturers based in Coimbatore. CHIRAG machines are distributed in Tamil Nādu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Our range of fly ash bricks-making machines comes in many variants to suit your business requirements.

We offer you a number of benefits when you buy from us.

  • An efficient machine with a robust design
  • Installation and setup assistance
  • Expert after-sales support/assistance is provided 24/7

We offer automatic fly ash brick-making machines and semi-automatic fly ash brick-making machines. We offer expert guidance and help you set up a business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fly ash bricks are manufactured in Automatic Fly Ash Brick making machine?

All raw materials such as fly ash, sludge, lime, gypsum, grit, crusher dust, cement, and water are combined in each bin. A conveyor belt moves the mixture to a pan mixer and then to the hoppers where they are mixed well. The pallet is then automatically fed into the machine. The raw material will then be pressurized and come out as a brick on top of the pallet. After the pressure machine produces the bricks, the pallet stacker automatically arranges them. A Fly ash brick-making machine reduces the cost of labor.

What are the machine options to make fly ash bricks?

There are two options available; a Fully Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machine and Semi-Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine. Comparatively, a semi-automatic Fly Ash Brick machine will require additional labor than the fully automatic version.

What is the difference between a fully automatic fly ash brick machine and a semi-automatic fly ash brick machine?

The processes involved in making a fly ash brick are mixing, pressing, and finally the handling system where bricks are cured and dried. In a semi-automatic fly ash brick making machine, automation of the handling system is absent, hence fully automatic fly ash brick machines are economically viable.

What are the tips for getting consistent fly ash bricks in a fly ash brick machine?

The vibration and hydraulic pressure technology used in Fly ash brick-making machines improves the consistent quality of fly ash bricks. A machine that uses vibration technology can produce more bricks.