Fly ash brick making machines


Our Products

Chirag is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality block making machines in Coimbatore. Our machines are built using advanced technology and premium quality materials to ensure durability, efficiency, and productivity. We specialize in providing a range of solid making machines to meet your specific needs.

Model – Multi CI500-Semi Automatic

Power – 21Kw

Cycle Time(s) – 20-25

Model – MULTI CI 1000 Automatic Type A

Power – 26Kw

Cycle Time(s) – 18-20

Model – MULTI CI 1400 Automatic

Power – 40Kw

Cycle Time(s) – 18-20

Our solid block making machines are ideal for producing solid blocks used in construction projects. They are durable, efficient, and easy to operate, making them the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes.

We offer automatic solid block making machines and semi-automatic solid block making machines. We provide expert guidance and help you set up a business.

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